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Fuller Truck Accessories (FTA) has been in business since 1976, serving the pickup truck market for over 40 years. Fuller Camper, as we were known then, evolved from manufacturing wood and aluminum camper shells to one of the early distributors of fiberglass camper shells. Market forces were demanding lighter sleeker looking products, color matched and fitted to their truck. The company has been family owned since its inception and 3 family generations have been involved. Fuller Truck Accessories locations are Fullerton and Riverside Ca. and each store is managed by family members, brothers Dave and Greg, with supporting family members in the background.

Fuller Truck Accessories has grown from four products (camper shells, carpet kits, rear windows, pass through boots) to a wide selection of truck accessories to fit and customize your truck. FTA grew further in 1986 when it purchased the Riverside location in the auto center, and later in 1988 remodeled the Fullerton location. Today’s products still include camper shells, or toppers, but now include solid color match tonneau covers, or lids, trifold covers, both hard and soft, roll top covers, bed rugs, drop in plastic bed liners, cross bed tool boxes and chests, commercial van interiors, light bars, truck vaults, various styles of truck racks, rubber truck mats, floor mats, and shell camping tents, and a wide variety of other truck and SUV accessories.

Fuller Truck Accessories has a professional sales staff and installation crew on duty six days a week. Our sales staff will be happy to assist you in your truck accessories buying decision and our highly skilled installation crew will see to it that it is installed correctly. Whether you have one truck or SUV or a fleet of vehicles we can accommodate you. Our goal is to provide what you want for your vehicle and we are here to assist you after your purchase. We do more than just install accessories. We offer repair services and keep an inventory of parts on hand, and, if needed, we will order specialized parts.