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SnugPro XL

The SnugPro XL Commercial Topper by SNUGTOP is designed to maximize the use of work trucks. It features the strength of much heavier steel and aluminum toppers, but due to its weight-saving fiberglass construction, the truck's maximum load carrying capability is left for hauling tools and equipment. Plus, the dramatically reduced weight of the SnugPro XL helps deliver improved fuel economy resulting in a smaller carbon footprint.

  • To provide maximum protection from the elements, the recessed doors fit perfectly and feature automotive grade seals
  • Support for dual ladder racks is built into the roof construction featuring 500 lbs. capacity
  • Overall topper weight is approx. 300 lbs. (without shelving and other additional options)
  • Double rear doors with optional windows, security screens and full length heavy-duty stainless steel hinges to provide optional accessibility
  • Oversized side doors feature heavy-duty locks with Snugtop's exclusive three-point locking system and stainless steel hardware
  • Storage and shelving options are designed to adapt to your specific needs

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