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The DiamondBack 270 offers a combination of versatility, security, and easy access that's second to none. It's part toolbox and truck bed covers. Getting into your truck bed will never be the same, because now you can have all the access you've ever wanted. Three large access panels make for easy access to all your cargo all the way around your truck. You paid for whole bed, so you should be able to access it all too. Optional storage bins underneath the gull-wing doors keep you and your things organized. A thick neoprene compression gasket runs along the perimeter of the cover to create a barrier to water, snow, or ice, keeping your cargo dry. Rugged, die-cast zinc lock handles on the access panels of a DiamondBack keep your gear secure by actuating 3/8” deadbolt-style rods directly under the bed rails of your truck.

  • Gull-wing access panels up front
  • Unique three-hatch design
  • Optional storage bins
  • Neoprene perimeter gasket
  • Gutter-protected hinge points
  • Side-facing key cylinders
  • Stainless exterior hardware
  • Deadbolt-style lock system
  • Die-cast zinc lock handles
  • 2 key locks
  • Tight and secure fit